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We will have an initial meeting for which there will be no charge. We will then put together a plan including our recommendations. This plan will include our fees so you can see upfront what you will need to pay.If you are happy with the plan and the fees we will then put the plan into action. We will regularly review how things are going in line with the review schedule in the plan.

I am a wedding, civil partnership and portrait photography with many years experience in the industry. I work with my clients to ensure that their experience of being photographed is right for them. I ensure that studio sessions are laid back and informal because the best photographs of you will be when you’re looking relaxed, not when you’re sitting at a silly angle with a posed smile on your face (we all remember those old school photos!). When I come to your wedding or civil partnership I realise I am the least important person there and I will take the lead from you on the type of photos you want. They can be posed and we can include some of the classic images such as your hands with the rings on, crossed arms with champagne glasses and a picture with the whole family or I can be a fly on the wall taking pictures of the day as it happens or a bit of both. It’s your day so I do what you say.

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting please contact us.

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